Gas Safe Certificate

Gas Safe Certificate

At Britannia Property Services, we provide Gas Safe Certificate for your rented properties.

  • The Gas Safe certificate is essential for the house check.
  • Before renting the house or your property, it is essential that to have the gas safe registered certificate.
  • Gas Safe certificate is used to check if all gas appliances are safe to use.
  • This will inspect all the pipework, appliance and meter to ensure that the inspection is fulfilled for the safe and secure environment.

Prices For Gas Appliance

  • £55.00 (upto 3 Gas Appliances)
  • £10 Extra for additional Gas Appliance.


Following are the services which will be provided by our experts.

  • They will inspect the gas meter, appliance and pipework selected by the owner.
  • After all the check and balance a gas safe certificate will be provided which will show the result of the inspection. If any changes or amendments are required, the renewal will be mentioned on the certificate.

Rules of the Gas Safe certificate

According to the law, it is Landlord responsibility to ensure that all gas appliances are certified.

  • The certification process must be renewed after every twelve months.
  • A GAS Safe registered must be hired for the gas appliance, flues and the pipe work to install the positive things at the property.
  • Gas Safe certificate is used to check if all gas appliances are safe to use.
  • You will get a certificate after the complete check and balance at your place. All gas points will be tested, along with the working pressure.
  • The burner pressure, flue flow, the failure devices with the appropriate checks to increase the effectiveness.

So for reliable and efficient service contact us. However, further investigations will provide full evidence and eliminate the consequences of any adverse effects.

Gas Safe Certificate

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