Legionella Certificate

Legionella Certificate

At Britannia Property Services, we provide Legionella Risk Assessment for your rented properties. Landlords own many responsibilities while renting out the property.

  • For the health and safety law, it is vital that owner may carry out the risk assessments for the bacteria known as Legionella.
  • The bacteria is very harmful and affects immediately while causing the Legionnaires Disease.
  • It is best to maintain and take radical measures which will minimize the risk of bacteria.

Prices For Legionella Certificate

  • £75.00

Why you need assistance for Legionnaires disease

  • The disease is similar to pneumonia and proves to be fatal if not treated.
  • It is an infection which is caused by inhaling the droplets of contaminated water by bacteria
  • Anyone of any age can get affected by it and it passes from one to another. The condition is severe and is mostly in the natural environment.

Risk assessment

  • The landlords have to ensure that the residents must not be affected by any sort of Legionella bacteria.
  • The house must be certified from this disease to eliminate the consequences of risk.
  • The process is simple to follow, and various measures are taken to remove such conditions.

Best assistance

For the best risk assessment for the Legionella, certificate contacts us for the reliable service. We will provide the excellent service along with the complete check and balance so that you and your family will be safe. The team of professionals and environmental health experts will take radical measure to stop the bacteria entering the house.

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