Commercial Services

Commercial EPC

Energy Performance certificate or EPC provides that level of energy efficiency of a building or property. This level is marked between A to G where A is greatest and G is least level of energy efficiency.

SBEM Calculations

Britannia Property Services provide SBEM calculation services. The services will reach out to you easily for building the controls.

Display Energy Certificate

In order to provide information to people regarding utilization of energy and making them aware about the usage of energy in the publically owned buildings the concept of Display energy certificate has been introduced. Such a certificate called DEC help in the provision of a ranking to the building.  This rank ranges from A to G. Here A is the highest efficiency level while G is the lowest. The DEC is valid for one year.  The ranking is also awarded on the basis of real time energy usage reading on the building’s meter during this one year time.

PAT Testing

At Britannia Property Services, we provide PAT testing for your electrical equipment:

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